Associated Automotive Distributors – the AAD Group – is the new name and corporate structure for the respected D & A Power Products Group of companies.


Our dealership portfolio is structured to serve the medium to heavy automotive sector., It embraces leading brands of MCV/HCV Trucks, an exclusive sub-Saharan distributorship for global brands of major components, a comprehensive range of automotive parts, specialised bodies for waste management and other punishing applications, a 3PL logistics operation and a car and truck rental business.


The re-structuring aligns the company more closely with the needs of the operators we serve. It is configured to offer greater productivity. In recent years this automotive sector has seen sharp rises in costs and operational efficiency is thus paramount in the drive to manage the lifetime cost of ownership.


In addition to its OEM franchises, AAD provides the workshops and expertise to keep vehicles in perfect running order, while managing cpk and minimising downtime.