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AAD Drivetrain Systems is the exclusive Southern African distributor of major components which dramatically reduce wear and tear and increase productivity in medium to heavy duty commercial vehicles. We understand the key performance factors driving your business and we offer a comprehensive range of products and services to keep your fleet operating at optimal efficiency.

Allison Transmission

South Africa’s preferred automatic transmission

AAD Drivetrain Systems is the sole distributor for Allison Transmission in South Africa and the second-best performing distributor outside the USA, surpassed in sales figures only by the UK.

Allison Transmission has the broadest and most advanced range of fully automatic power shifting transmissions for on- and off-road applications. In addition to specific applications such as fire tenders, cash-in-transit vehicles, refuse compactors and off-road vehicles, the local pickup and delivery market is fast discovering the benefits of automatic transmissions.

Automatic transmissions in vehicles are preferable to the manual option for operators who are looking to lower their repair and maintenance cost by reducing wear and tear.

Allison Transmission products are built to be reliable, durable, easy to use and able to match the specific demands of your business.

Axletech International

Innovative drivetrain solutions provider

AAD Drivetrain Systems has the distribution rights to AxleTech International and Meritor heavy vehicle braking system products.

AxleTech International designs and manufactures planetary axles for military, commercial and off-highway applications ranging from construction to mining equipment.

As a global manufacturer, it designs axles to meet the specific application demands and provides custom drivetrain systems that are specifically engineered to meet the requirements for a wide variety of vehicles.

Telma Retarders

Greater operating economy and safer driving

AAD Drivetrain Systems is the sole official distributor for Telma products in sub-Saharan Africa.

Telma electromagnetic retarders increase the efficiency and safety of coaches, commuter buses, minibuses, trucks and emergency vehicles. Reduced wear and tear on your vehicle results in less downtime and the improved driving style helps to reduce overall fuel consumption when fitting a Telma retarder.

Telma retarders are virtually maintenance-free and very durable, often outlasting the vehicle and able to be installed in future vehicles.

Dulevo International

The global leader in top quality industrial sweepers

AAD Drivetrain Systems is the exclusive distributor of the Dulevo range of products in a number of Southern African countries.

Dulevo International is a leading worldwide floor sweeper and scrubber manufacturer, offering top quality industrial sweeping machines, sweepers and scrubbers that incorporate the best technologies available globally. We guarantee that any Dulevo product will be more reliable and perform better in every respect than any other product on the market.

Our series of Dulevo road and industrial sweepers utilize a unique mechanical suction system. There is a model for just about any application from airport runways to warehouses, shopping centres to schools, mines to retail operations and a model to satisfy the fleet requirements of cleaning contractors from micro-organisations to large-scale national operators.  

Cristanini SpA

Sole Supplier of Cristanini Bin Washer & Fire Fighting Systems in Southern Africa

AAD Drivetrain Systems is the exclusive supplier of Cristanini SpA products in Southern Africa.

This Italian based supplier specialises in a range of products including:
• Mini Sanimatic Bin Washers
• Cristanini Fire Fighting Systems
• Ghibli Cleaning Systems

The Mini Sanimatic bin washer is a reduced dimension system with high pressure overheated water for the washing and decontamination of solid waste containers. It is an ecological system, designed to work with detergents and disinfectants for a “greener” environment.

The JF.FE 300 Modular is a revolutionary system for fire first attack in enclosed spaces and an efficient instrument for drilling/cutting of all material types, including wood, steel, glass & concrete. The Fire Stop 200/30 is the most suitable response for first fire attack firefighting in any environment, as its extinguishing capacity is much higher than that of traditional extinguishing systems. The reduced overall size allows transport with small vehicles, providing extensive versatility in environments difficult to access by use of normal emergency vehicles.
Ghibli cleaning systems provide cost-effective solutions in repairing damage caused by pollution and contamination in towns and urban areas, restoring building, pavement and road surfaces to original condition.


Our aim is to assist you in maximising productivity and minimising downtime through cost-effective maintenance and repair.

AAD Drivetrain Systems is fully committed to supporting its products and offer customers a 24/7 support service with its fleet of field service vehicles and highly skilled field service technicians.

For speedy turnaround of vehicles, our workshops are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment. This includes a dynamometer for precise evaluation of the performance of vehicle drivetrain components under varying conditions.

Our workshop teams comprise of highly qualified professionals with comprehensive experience of all makes of vehicles and customers can always be assured of top quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Maintenance and services at AAD Drivetrain Systems comply with the highest international standards (ISO9001), while our workshop premises, facilities and procedures satisfy the stringent requirements of our global franchise holders.


Johannesburg147 Serenade Road, Elandsfontein (Rustivia), Germiston 1406011 828 0370


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Johannesburg Jacques GouwsOperations Manager+27 11 828 0370 jacques.gouws@aad.za.com
Johannesburg Johan ViljoenService Supervisor+27 78 628 8422 workshopadmin@aad.za.com
JohannesburgGary LoppnowKey Account Manager (Unit Sales)+27 83 655 4153gary.l@aad.za.com
JohannesburgVernon GouwsKey Account Manager (Workshop Sales)+27 82 606 9418workshopadmin@aad.za.com
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